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  • I dont have internet connection
    EOC subscribers Try to turn OFF the modem for 2-5minutes and ON to check FIBER subscribers if modem have blinking red on LOS report to our office immediately if modem have GREEN light on REG, try to turn OFF and ON. Check if internet resume If the internet did not resume, call our office to schedule for a technical support visit.
  • How much is the installation fee?
    The installation fee depends on the plan you would like to apply. Here's the list:
  • How long is the installation process?
    The Installation process takes 1-3 days. Incase there is no available distribution lines , it will take 1-2 weeks. Depending on area and weather conditions. Once you are scheduled for installation, you will receive a message or call from our technical team before the date of installation.
  • My account was disconnected and I want my service reconnected again .How much is the Reconnection fee?
    The Reconnection fee cost P1000.00 . But before that, you have to settle first your outstanding/Unpaid balance(for those unsettled account) plus a one month advance for your chosen plan.
  • Do i need an Authorization letter if i let someone process my Application?
    Yes. Aside from that, you must also provide one photocopy of your I.D with 3 signatures at the top, middle and bottom on the side. The person who will process your Application must also present his/her I.D together with the latter .
  • Can i change my password on the modem?
    No, Only Authorized personnel from our office is/are allowed to change your password or name. To change your password, you have to submit a photo of you together with your ID and send us your account name and number, old password and the new password at our facebook page www.facebook// Note: Change of password is ONLY once a month.
  • Do i need to pay incase i accidentally reset my modem?
    YES, the amount that you need to pay is ₱500.00.
  • Is the replacement of modem free of charge?
    YES, if the problem comes from the internal or the system itself. But if it is caused by human error/ physical damage, you have to pay for the replacement amounting to ₱3000.00
  • I want to relocate my modem/account
    There will be an applicable fees for relocating existing plans depending on the service area. Initial payment will be P1,000 and excessive materials will be charge accordingly Fiber cables, connectors, patch cords, clamp, etc..
  • No cable/ internet after due date
    All our costumers receive a monthly billing sent via message a week before due date. Unsettled accounts after due date are subject for temporary disable yet the billing continues. Cable/Internet connection will resume after payment has been made.
  • How many channels can be access?
    The available cable for the HD box is more or less 114 channels
  • Is it possible to have an extra cable box for my extra Tv?
    Yes, but your monthly plan will increase . You'll be added ₱350.00/month in every cable wire extension
  • Upgrade from analog to digital cable TV ( for 1 TV connection).
    You have to get an HD box and a fiber cable drop wire. HD box : P1,500.00 Fiber Drop wire: P20.00/meter
  • Hdbox remote/adaptor needs to be replaced.
    HD BOX remote and adaptor are not free . The replacement cost P300.00
  • I want watch more channels?
    A certain amount depending on the cable tv plan you apply will be added to your monthly subscription fee of your existing plan .
  • What should I do if I can't access other channels ?
    Go to MENU. Locate "Installation" menu. Click Autoscan. Press OK.
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